Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We all have benchmarks that give us feedback about our fitness. With three weeks remaining until IM CDA, my benchmarks lead me to believe I am fit and ready to race. Today's 2-hour run felt speedy, effortless both physically and mentally, and I maintained a 7:15 pace for 16.60 somewhat hilly miles. Yesterday's straight 3200 swim, descending 800's, felt best the last 1600. This past Saturday's 4-hour ride on the trainer ("turbo" for all you Aussies/Kiwis) was mentally easy and went by in a flash, even the 1-hour at IM effort/cadence. The 9-mile run off that ride was equally effortless. I am in good spirits.

I told Charisa this past weekend that I wished IM CDA was this coming weekend. I made this comment mostly out of fear, fear that I would screw things up in the three weeks of waiting for the race to come. If anything, I need these three weeks to do some increased intensity and to taper. I know I won't screw up but if I were to screw up, here's how:

My OCD mind thinks I need to keep up the volume and train more to keep my fitness. But my body needs something completely different. My body needs less volume, more intensity, and proper recovery. I need to shut my mind down and just listen to my body. It's important to plan at this time, to avoid those "extra" or "padded" miles just to appease the nervous mind.

And speaking of Charisa, here is a comment I left on her blog: So proud of you, looking at you on the stage with all those big names, in a race format that doesn't necessarily play to your strengths, I am inspired...as always. Good stuff Charisa! This girl just keeps getting faster and faster.


mtanner said...

**Again we must be on the same page. **Although I am taking the complete opposite approach to CDA. and Charisa is a dream crusher!!!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

So good seeing you Sunday Kiet! You're looking pretty speedy yourself, even in street clothes!

Michelle Simmons said...

There are definitely some different approaches to an Ironman taper... that's for sure! Backing off scares the crap out of me... some of my very best workouts have come at the end of huge weeks so I tend to think I do better when I just keep rolling... but physiologically the truth is we will do better with some recovery. I think my coach's plan with me is to do some Ironman specific days/workouts in the coming 2 weeks but in between those are easy days... "trimming the fat" he calls it.

Looking forward to meeting you! I can't believe that 2 weeks from today I'm going to be on an airplane flying to Idaho.

Matt said...

stoked to watch you kill it at IM CdA and canada :) sounds like your ready

Be-careful with increasing intensity, it mimics similar stresses as if you had higher volume.

Kim said...

Holy Macholy.. yep.. I made that up myself. Sounds like you are MORE than ready AND you scaring the living daylights out of me because I am NOT that far off from placid and still have yet to hit a 100 mile ride.. oh boy.. I better get to work after this race is over this weekend! Charisa is ripping it up! So fun to watch!

Beth said...

Woooo-hoooo Kiet!! So excited for you! You are ready to go!! Now the tough part, being smart with just a few weeks to go. I know you will do it and do it well! Here's to an awesome taper! :)

Jill Costantino said...

LISTEN to your body, read your blog when you think you should go run 25 miles. You are READY to kick some BOOTY!
and yeah - she' pretty FAST!

Teresa said...

Rest up speedy....your day will be here before you know it!!!

Cute pic of you and C!


Libby said...

rest up kiet. stick to the plan and don't overdo. you know yourself and you wrote what you wrote on the taper part of your training plan for a reason. its time to absorb and while there's still some volume, doing the intensity bits will have you race ready :) be confident in yourself and the plan :)