Saturday, November 19, 2011

Easy vs. Hard

I don't really know why, but some activities are just really easy for me to do, motivation-wise, and I end up doing them all the time. But other activities are not so easy and I have a hard time getting around to doing them, they just don't feel as natural.

Easy: swim, bike, run, yoga, weights, reading my current book, handstand class, checking Facebook, writing/reading blogs, playing with my new iphone (haven't you noticed my increased participation in the social network of late?), hanging out with the same one or two friends all of the time

Hard: cyclocross, volunteering, playing the guitar, acroyoga and parkour class, spinning fire, hanging out with all of my other friends, going to the movies, listening to NPR podcasts

Speaking of easy...if you haven't done so, start sharing your life using the Instagram application on the iphone, it's just a neat tool.


Beth said...

That picture of Siri "talking dirty" cracks me up!!! :-)

Libby said...

agreed with beth, I love what siri told you to that request! awesome! I know, I have some similar things on my "hard" list and they are things we enjoy. funny that its hard to break out to get to those hard things....

Matt said...

Hurry up and catch up on the CX,just finished #3..

Kim said...

Totally agree. Easy for me: eating, yoga, training, etc.

Hard for me: swimming, wanting to swim, and swimming. Humm.. I better get like Charisa and just do it!

Love the app! I don't have an iphone but yours is funny!