Sunday, February 26, 2012


This was my second weekend back to training post 4-week hiatus, and I had this comment from Mrs. Shutt on my mind during every training sesh. With only 4 rides under my belt, I was totally surprised by the numbers I put up just casually riding and getting back into shape. Let's just say I saw several times that came very close to matching my season PR's from last season. A friend described me as having a diesel engine, and I totally agree. Currently, I'm definitely more strong than speedy, and I attribute it to the past three years of ironman training combined with the weight program I've been doing. The running and swimming are going equally well, and I'm really happy to be back living the multisport lifestyle. I'm excited to return to blogging about my training rather than about mystery ailments. But before I move on, I thought I would share two observations I made during my 4-week hiatus from training:

I'm not immune to getting a gut due to inactivity as I was nursing quite the belly.

Being out of the pool for so long, my hair took on it's normal color rather than the bleached chlorinated look, and well, I saw a lot of gray.

I leave you with some pictures from my ride this weekend, and yes I'm still eating well, this time saute Dino Kale and roasted butternut squash risotto with pancetta.


Beth said...

Happy day!!!! :-) I love that you are back but more so that you are feeling good and healthy again!!! Woop woop!!!

Libby said...

yea! glad to have you back and hear happy tones :) the upswing and applying what you learned is always the best part of life's tribulations!