Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When Blogs Go Silent

As a blog follower, I've learned that when things go silent, something in life is taking precedence. The good news is that I feel like my body is on the mend. I wouldn't say that I'm training, but I've been able to exercise, getting in a handful of swims, bikes, and runs, and it feels great. And I've been eating well, really well. But not necessarily healthy food well, just really good food well. My trip to the urologist was a FAIL due to an authorization/health insurance mishap, and I was turned away by the receptionist. I did, however, get to see a specialist about my ear and structurally, the ear is fine. The doc thinks it's a case of TMJ, or clenching/grinding of the jaw whilst sleeping. He followed the prognosis by asking if I was under any stress?

I found that question to be very interesting, because I have been under some stress. But I handled the stress in the same manner as I have at any other time in my life, I internalized it, knowing that things will get better. I asked the doc why now would I be suffering physical symptoms from stress. He responded by saying the body is weird like that.

My friend Jeff, who I had blogged about and dedicated the IM Canada race to, passed away on February 8 of pancreatic cancer. He was 52 years-old, and just 5 days shy of his 53rd birthday. On the night of his death, I dedicated my yoga practice to him and ever since that night, my body feels better each day. I guess the body is weird like that. Rest in peace Jeff.


Steve said...

Sorry for your loss Kiet.

JC said...

kiet - I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts!
I hope that body of yours heals up - rest, rest, rest!

Teresa said...

100% believe that the body responds to emotional stress. I am glad you are feeling a bit better...and eating WELL, the good kind of well (in my books that is!). Glad life is keeping you busy and off the internet (as much!) xoxo

Libby said...

rest in peace jeff :) he's looking out for you, I know it :)

my whole last 5 days of class was ALL TMJ dysfunction, I'm one more class away from certification as a TMJ specialist now! que coincidencia!