Thursday, October 18, 2012

Treadmill Love

With a half-marathon coming up, I'm spending some quality time on the treadmill. Tuesday's run was active recovery working on turnover, a perfect sesh for the tready. I did one of my favorite workouts, progressives. I started with a mile at 7:30, then 2 miles at 7:03, 3 miles at 6:52, 2 miles at 6:44 pace and then a half mile warm down. If you run on the tready, make sure you put the incline between 1.0-1.5 to best simulate road running. Besides being able to work on fast turnover without taxing the muscles, the tready is a great way to practice mental toughness. There is always a moment when my mind tells me, "I can't hold this turnover, I'm gonna roll off", or "It's too hot, I need air", and I really need to work through these thoughts. This is good practice for those race day negative moments. And finally, I noticed that when my hips started to fatigue, the treadmill would start to shake more when my technique fell off. This was great feedback and reminded me to focus on good running form, and to not let my hips drop and sway too much.

Libby and Neil had a layover on their way to Auckland, New Zealand for the World Championships. They must have brought the hot and sunny weather with them from Florida, because it was a cracker of a day in SF. I took them to all of my favorite spots including: a walk through the Mission, lunch at Samovar, and we basically saw all the sights along the Escape from Alcatraz bike and run courses. And to keep their stomachs full and happy for the 12-hour flight to NZ, I introduced them to the bread pudding at Tartine. Good luck Libster! It's no ironman so I expect you to redline it the entire time. And I'm including the video of my skydive over the Remarkables in Queenstown, there is no better view if you are going to jump out of a plane.


Libby said...

aHHHH!!! just seeing this now. we had SO much fun I can't even tell you. I can't wait to watch the vid of skydiving. I almost bungee jumped but I chickened out!!!!! thanks for showing us san fran, we need to come back!!

Libby said...

neil and I just watched this and we smiled so big. love this. now I wish I would have had the guts to do it. so beautiful in queenstown, you're right. with the amazing view we should have done it!