Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lessons from Cyclocross

If I wasn't so worried about breaking something and forsaking my triathlon season, I would probably do more CX races. In between bouts of fear, I had the occasional "F_ _ yeah, this is fun!" moment while racing. And after watching the video my friend Jesse made, I don't look nearly as bad as I felt. Post-race, Charisa and I reflected and we both agreed it's good to get out of our comfort zone and do something that we, how should I put this, suck at?

Here are the lessons that I'll take with me into the upcoming 2013 triathlon racing season:

There's a difference between being conservative/realistic and being wimpy. I was being wimpy at the start of the race, and I let the course and the other riders spook and intimidate me. I will not be wimpy in 2013.

If I had raced the technical sections with the same attitude as I had with running my bike through the deep sand, I would have placed a lot higher. Every time I hit the sand section, I told myself that I owned the section and that nobody in the field could outrun me in the sand. I wish I had taken that attitude with the rest of the course. Attitude makes such a huge difference.

I need to do more things with my brother, he's an awesome guy and he's a great older brother. It was so cool how he waited for me on the course and we finished the race together.

Traveling to races with friends trumps going solo. Yeah, you have to coordinate more and possibly have to wait for someone else a bit, but all worth it.

Flying mounts! I love flying mounts! If you are a skier or swim the butterfly, the feeling equates to carving through the snow or getting the timing down in fly. More flying mounts in 2013!


Matt said...

awesome video and song.. Love the part " he is 2 min ahead" then after you go by, "more like 2:40"... Stoked you had fun, great thing about cx its slow speed so crashes are usually mellow.. You killed that run Bro!

BreeWee said...

haha I LOVE it.... so funny. You look like a kid and I agree, wimpy is a new word Im learning the definition of too, we can totally avoid it! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!