Thursday, December 20, 2012

On Not Running

This year, I decided to take a month-long break from running, and my last run was on November 25. During this hiatus from running, I've come to learn how automatic my desires are toward running. So often, I found myself looking forward to a run after work, or excited to get out on an early morning run, only to be disappointed that I was not allowed to run. Like most runners, I think running is more than just running, it is freedom, and it is meditation.

I also realized how much running keeps my weight in check. In place of running, I've been doing a lot of weights. The weights sans running saw me tipping the scale at 132 pounds, about 10 pounds over my racing weight from a year ago. Though I do feel like I've gained more muscle mass, I also know that the off-season has been good and I've got some waist/belly fat to prove it.

I'm very much looking forward to starting my running back up on XMAS day, especially because I'll be in Maui! Bring on the heat and sun.

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Michelle Simmons said...

I hope it's warm for you over there next week. Our weather has seriously been junk for the past 7 days or so. :(