Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keep the Throttle On

We all have different ways to either cope or nail a workout. This morning, the mantra "keep the throttle on" got me through my 10+ mile run. If you've ever driven a motorcycle, or scooter, jet ski, or even a Go Car, you probably understand this analogy. The throttle is used to apply more gas to either accelerate or to maintain speed. When a scooter approaches a hill, if the throttle is kept constant, the scooter will gradually slow down as it climbs the hill. In order to maintain the same speed up the hill, one needs to "keep the throttle on". I did a hilly run this morning where the focus was to work the uphills and keep it steady through the flats and downhills. As the pitch of a hill increased, I had to keep the throttle on to maintain my speed. There was one pitch that was pretty steep and I was unsure if I was indeed keeping the throttle on, but my ascending heart rate popping out of my chest confirmed that I indeed was throttling. Mantras work very well with my obsessive/compulsive brain.

I need to keep the throttle on for one more week because this is the third and final week of my build cycle, and then some rest next week. There were definitely days over the past week when I questioned what the hell I was doing. On top of work and training, which is normally doable, I've got some extra stuff going on in my life that is making time management more of a challenge. One of the extra stuff involves playing in the kitchen and coming up with my own energy food, stay tuned.

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