Monday, February 18, 2013

The Plan

This year, I've come up with a training plan that will hopefully address some of my weaknesses during the past two years, but still keep things on the fun side. I have a 4-week cycle where the first three weeks is building on each week by 20-25% in terms of hours. The 4th week is a rest week. Each week has a different emphasis and breaks down like so:

Week 1: Less miles more speed (get after those Strava KOMs and CRs!)and equal time paid to swim, bike and run.

Week 2: More miles less speed (Strava of the mind is still okay!) and more time paid to running.

Week 3: Lots of miles, no speed (no Strava!) and more time paid to biking.

Week 4: Rest week, build weight back up and more time paid to swimming and weight room sessions. I find that as I increase the miles, my weight drops. I'll start the cycle weighing 130 pounds during week 1, and by the end of week 3, I weigh in at about 126 pounds. Thus, this week is about fattening myself, and reversing the trend to get back up to 130 pounds by the start of the next cycle. Unlike the past three seasons, I'm determined not to be 121 pounds again!

I just finished week 3 of my cycle, and I did a little over 19 hours of training, and I'm putting a cap on training at 20 hours. If it's over 20 hours, it has to be fun like doing the Coast Ride. It's gotta be fun, this is after all, a hobby.


Beth said...

After always listening to people talk about how they can't get weight off, I kind of like reading about someone who is trying to keep it on! :)

Sounds like an awesome training plan!

Matt said...

Great stuff Kiet! It being fun is important and easy to forget when chasing volume..and so on.. Strava is fun..SO does your work out say: Go for specific KOM and thats all haha