Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I recently had this blog post sent to me, and after reading it, I admit to making some of these mistakes in my past training. I'm guilty of going too long too often, and I'm definitely guilty of going to hard too often. My 4-week training cycle was built to address some of these issues, ensuring that I go hard when it's necessary, go long when it's appropriate, and rest when it's essential. I think my training is balanced and on track thus far. I've had days when I felt tired due to high volume; and I've had days where I've felt good, and hit my my numbers because I was rested. The biggest challenge thus far are the days when I'm unexpectedly tired, and I can't figure out if I should rest, slow down or cut it short, or carry on with the plan. Most of the time, I find myself carrying on with the plan, and post workout, it usually feels right. I'm excited and looking forward to racing a half ironman in one month's time to test myself.

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Betsy said...

Ha! I'm eating a raspberry Noosa as I read this...and if I had a Cherry Chia Kombucha that would be awesome!