Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two Mysteries

My second cycle of volume week went by quietly, unscathed of dramatic tweets. I found myself doing more and thinking less. I actually found myself excited and looking forward to some of the bigger training sessions, rather than dreading it. I've always thought the more fit you are, the less training drama, it's sort of an extension of this race rule: if you are feeling emotional, eat more! But as fit as I'm feeling, two mysteries still perplexed me this past week.

I feel like I'm just surviving the long/steep climbs where I used to feel like I attacked them. I'm doing the same long rides I used to do, but unlike the past where I would attack the climbs, I'm just barely surviving them, and on some days, not even surviving.

The second mystery involves my swimming. I've somehow lost my swim. There have been a couple of days where I've been able to find it, holding 1:10's until the cows come home; but for the most part, I feel like a slug through the water barely able to hold 1:15's. I've been a swimmer most of my life, and I can't remember having so many back-to-back days where I have no feel for the water.

Though both mysteries are a bit perplexing, I'm confident that they will sort themselves as I continue to train and get more fit. Though I spent nearly 20 hours training this week, I somehow failed to take any pictures, so I'm including a GOPro shot from a couple of weeks ago, where I did have my swim groove doing a long course workout.


Betsy said...

I'm by no stretch of the imagination a swimmer (other than I swim 3 or 4 times a week so I guess that sorta makes me a swimmer) but....I always notice fatigue first and most in my swim. A couple seconds per 100 seems like I'm way off and when I'm tired I cannot find another gear in my swim.

Way to get it done! I find I like the bigger volume weeks - some how I find my groove and I don't want the big volume to just be on paper at the end of the week!

Charisa said...

I have no answers. But I like the first picture so just stick with that :)