Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It Is What It Is

Lately, work has been getting in the way of training. Coaching 8-hour track meets followed by chaperoning high school dances, all in one day, is cramping my training style. I wasn't able to get in the mileage I had hoped, and I didn't even crack 10 hours of training last week. My old self would not only be trying to squeeze in or make up the missed workouts, but I would also be stressing about the missed workouts. But for whatever reason, my new self is taking it all in stride, and I find myself saying "It is what it is" when work cuts into my training. Next time something doesn't go your way, just say, "It is what it is", and somehow, I guarantee you that you will feel better.


Beth said...

That is Oscar's favorite saying!! And you are right, whenever he reminds me of it, I always feel better! :-)

thepumpkinsdiary said...

I was supposed to start my long ride 45min ago, but I have been working for hours (it's 7am). Work/school is more important to me than one last long ride. It is what it is! And now I'm procrastinating as I have a little creative block by reading your blog. I think a healthy attitude is worth its weight in gold! p.s. thanks for you comment on my blog. Yes, I do like a little profanity every now and then ;)

Jennifer Harrison said...

LOVE that saying too! And it is true...at the end of the day, it is what it is! :))