Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can't Get a Break

Santa Cruz Triathlon
Time: 2:05:47
AG - 4th; OA - 21st

I was so close to having a good race but a dropped gel and a lack of water stations on the run cost me not only a podium finish by 20 seconds, but $120. No podium = no entry free reimbursement. I finally had a swim where I felt strong, smooth and powerful. I exited the water just over 21 minutes and better yet, only giving up a minute or so on guys that normally get a bit more. I rode strong and was able to grind out the gears in a low cadence like I normally do and surprisingly passed guys I had not expected to catch so soon. But it was a very deep field today and there were some guys that flew by me on the bike like I was standing still and they out-split me by over 5 minutes in just a 40K, yikes! Out onto the run, the legs were tired but I knew I could still run fast on tired legs. First mile split was 6 minutes. But where was my aid station? I always take a gel at the mile 1 aid station. No station, no gel because I need water to wash it down. Mile 2, another 6 minute split, and still no aid station. And then out of nowhere, maybe not nowhere, I just wasn't paying attention, an aid station caught me by surprise, I reached for my gel and dropped it, and decided to keep going...big mistake. I'm a skinny-ass, inefficient, 121 pound triathlete, that needs his nutrition. At the turnaround, I felt myself bonking. In my head, I thought I was in fourth or fifth place in my age group and the guys behind me, I've historically outrun in the past. So I decided to just try to diminish the damage. I was hurting at mile 4 and was already thinking when is this going to end, not good. I tried surges, I tried leaning forward, I tried turnover, and I tried positive self talk. All would only last about 30 seconds and I would be hurting again. I was a schizo out there. Plus, I just wasn't my usual smiley self out on the run, giving props to teammates and random people. I'm not sure if I'm smiley when I'm running well or I run well when I'm smiley, but I'm guessing the latter. At mile 5, I tried to pick it up but nothing. I could only jog, my heart rate would not go higher, I was bonked. With 200 yards to the finish, I turned around and saw Rich, who looked to be in shock that not only did he pull me in on a run but was about to pass me. It was a bit surreal when Rich asked me as he went by me, "Am I really passing you on the run?" I tried to respond but nothing so I responded verbally, "Yep, enjoy it." Little did I know that pass would cost me $120. The silver lining? I now have the motivation I need to train for my first half ironman in over three years. Otherwise, I think I would have had a bad case of complacency in my prep for the half.

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Charisa said...

I still think there were good parts to your race. Hey it brought some excitemant to train for that 1/2IM!!