Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Mother of a Bonk

After going for close to five weeks without doing a ride over 50 miles, I attempted to do some base building work in prep for my last race, a half ironman. It was hot, very hot, something we don't get in these here parts. At mile 40, I knew I was bonking but my stubborn self wanted to go on and finish the planned ride. The next 10 miles were ridden anywhere between 4 mph to 15 mph. Then it happened, I cramped so bad I had to get off my bike during the climb. I was out of water and food because I was already out there one hour longer than anticipated. And then it happened again, and again, and again, and again. In total, I had to get off the bike 5 times during different climbs because I cramped so bad I couldn't turn the pedal over. At one point, I just sat there on the side of the road as other cyclists went climbing by me. The funny thing is that nobody ever asked what I was doing, I guess sitting on the side of the road in a cycling kit and a bike is more normal than I thought. 65 miles later, I rolled through my door, 2 hours later than my expected time. This Saturday is Levi Leipheimer's 106 mile Gran Fondo ride...and yes, there will be sag wagons.


D said...

Pattern much?

Charisa said...

Haha - ok, this was a great post! Because I think everyone can relate to it - we've all bonked. And afterward once I've eaten it is always so funny to me, not sure why, it just is :)

Have fun at the Gran Forno!

IAN said...

EAT SON!!! EAT!!! I know your (self-proclaimed) "dainty", but you gots to eat... A powerbar won't kill the figure!! Hahahaa Oh and drink some stuff too. Nice work at SC!!