Monday, September 14, 2009

When Bad Races Happen to Good People

Pacific Grove was a bit of a disaster. My arms burned 200 yards into the swim (and yes I did warm-up properly) and I just got slower and slower. When my teammate Pete went by me during the second lap, my ego took over (I'm supposed to be faster than Pete in the water) and I swam hard enough just to barely beat him out of the water. I felt lost on the bike, vacillating between grinding the gears like I normally do and spinning like a madman. With each progressive leg, the race got even worse. Though my heart rate felt like I was running 6 minute miles, my actual pace was 6:50 (I don't think I've ever run that slow for an Olympic), very ugly. The good thing about a bad race is that it stokes the fire within. So, I immediately began the prep for next weekend's race. I left early from the race and sat on the trainer for 90 minutes. Yesterday was a 4000 yard swim and 5 mile shake down run. Today...I am sick. So much for that plan.


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Charisa said...

Ughhhhh feel better.

IAN said...

I like the "back at it" attitude. Get better and get "back at it"