Monday, October 5, 2009

Levi's Gran Fondo (and one speeding ticket)

I was riding fast on the bike but not that fast. I was going downhill, yapping away and clueless, combine this with a natural lead foot and busted. I was due, it's been well over 10 years since my last speeding ticket. I'm very good at accepting responsibility so the officer got no lip from me. I do, however, wished that he would have given me a break and written down a slower clocked speed so the fine wouldn't be as astronomical as I think it will be. Rather than tell you about the Gran Fondo, thought I would show you. Yeah, I know 10 minutes is a bit long for a YouTube video, wasn't thinking. This was a good block of training, managed to get in 180 miles of riding, 34 miles of running and 15,000 yards of swimming this week. The scary thing is this would be an average or mid mileage week in preparation for IM OZ. I don't know how Charisa and Ian do it but they've earned my respect.


IAN said...

Keep it up, that is a solid block. That ride looks rad. 2010 just maybe

Charisa said...

This is awesome - makes me want to carry a camera at Kona and have a cool video when I'm done :)