Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Year Can Only Get Better

Isn't it funny how when your life is going really smooth, the Universe decides to shake things up just to give you a reminder to always be grateful for smooth days. My reminder came upon my return from Maui.

First, I had to take BART from SF to the East Bay at 10:00 PM new year's eve, with my bags and my bike. I had to pass up two trains because there was not enough room for my bike amidst all the people taking BART to celebrate NYE safely. I finally rolled through the door of my house around 11:00 PM, and there were ants everywhere! I guess they found some food, and with me gone for 8 days, they took over the entire house. Upon further investigation, I also found a bunch of kleenex, toilet paper, and brown paper bags all chewed up and strewn in different places. I guess a mouse also decided to shack up in my place, leaving mouse turds throughout the house. I decided to tackle the problems the next day and I went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up to see that my left eye was blood red, and that I had popped a blood vessel or something. I stood in my house frozen for a bit, trying to figure out which problem to tackle first. I decided the best solution was to go for a trail run, to set my mind right for the tasks at hand. I went to turn on my car and it wouldn't start. I tried everything and realized that the battery was dead. Thanks for the reminder Universe, but isn't this overkill?

I set off for a run through the hood and 7 miles later, I arrived home with a whole new frame of mind. I just put the food away and thought, the ants and I will just coexist. The car battery? It's not urgent. I can live without a car for a couple of days, my entire life happens within a two-mile vicinity, gotta love urban living. The mouse? I searched the entire house and found a huge hole under the kitchen sink, most likely where the mouse is gaining entry. I McGyver'ed the hole and voila, all tasks done. A run can't solve your problems but it can put you in the right frame of mind to find solutions. I'm taking this lesson into 2013.


Beth said...

Love the pictures and love your attitude even more!! Now the universe owes you a little kindness these next few days! :-) Happy New Year, Kiet!

JC said...

OMG - mice and I DO NOT co-exhist. BRAVE you are! Happy New Year Mr. The Maui pics are fantastic. Thanks for sparing us any pics of mice, ants and your eye. Is that better now?

Teresa said...

Awe. Way to turn that frown upside down. Love the attitude....and the run. Great pics. Happy new year friend!

Charisa said...

Great post and attitude K!